This might become prohibitively expensive
This might become prohibitively expensive Spaces Images/Getty

It might become three times more expensive to visit Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park and 15 of the other most visited National Parks around the country. A proposal from the National Parks Service announced yesterday would raise the entrance fee for non-commercial vehicles to visit these parks from $25 to $70 during their peak months for visitors, the Seattle Times reports.

Other National Parks on the list includethe Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier and more.

The entrance fee per motorcycle would increase from $15 and $25 to $50, and the fee for entering on foot or with a bike would increase from $10 and $15 to $30.

The public has a chance to comment on the proposal until November 23 (instructions here).

The National Parks Service says it needs the money to maintain the parks, and hopes to raise entrance fee revenue from $200 million to $268 million.

The Times quotes people outraged at the proposal, who say the higher costs will make National Parks less accessible.

According to Rob Smith, Northwest Regional Director of National Parks Conservation Association: "For many people, this shuts off access at a time when we want to get people outdoors, and get people who haven’t been coming to the parks to come.”

And Joe Camacho of Latino Outdoors said: "This is a great way to decrease diversity in the national parks....Why do first-time visitors have to pay this huge out-of-pocket expense even to try out going to a national park? It hurts people who don’t traditionally have access to parks more than those that do."