Police Reports Illustrated: Something Stolen, Something Blue


Awesome. I'm always amazed at the tiniest lettering you can do with a felt (?) pen Callan.
They didn't really get married on Halloween, did they?
I like "open for 6 months". Neatly understated.
Okay, I like this one. More punches would have been good though.
"and I'm arresting him?!" lol
It all sounds like Bill O'Reilly discovering there's a War on Halloween. Saying happy holidays doesn't ruin your Christmas. Getting married or divorced or pectoral implant surgery on Halloween doesn't ruin your Halloween. If you don't want to go to someone's wedding, don't go. Problem solved. You're welcome.

Wan't more life hacks? Don't like candy corn? Don't eat candy corn. Don't like, let's see... pumpkin spice? Pineapple pizza? Then...? You aren't even listening, are you?

This is yet more proof that while you can't make these stories up, you sure as hell can illustrate them if your name is Callan. On a related note, this whole planet's filled up with badly wired human beings, isn't it? That's why I could never be a cop, not until someone invents patience pills.

@6 We hear you but there's some static on the line. And btw, getting married right before or after Halloween with a Halloween theme is cool but getting married on Halloween is bad form. I mean, just think of the candy, man, think of the candy.
Once again, every element of the DOOF panel is a joy to behold. Great work, Callan!

@1: Considering it's animated, I think it's safe to assume Callan illustrates these digitally.
I would love to see Callan do a Donna Brazile, Clinton and Obama strip post-“Hacks” release. I bet it would be hilarious - well - you know - if real hilarity were allowed at The Stranger.
We got married on Halloween. It was a Halloween party, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. It never occured to me that it would make anyone mad online. But here people are wanting to punch people like us! They are mad online. We did not mean to make them mad online.
getting married on halloween is freeking insufferable, fool deserved the punch.
So they bore a "friend" with details of their wedding plans who they aren't planning to invite? Wow, that guy should have punched some sense into both of them.
Aaaaaaaand the hits just keep on a-comin'.
Cuddy @10, I don't know if I have a problem with people generally getting married on Halloween, but I'm pretty sure this couple needed a lot more punching. As for you, well if you were illustrated by Callan, I'm pretty sure I'd decide you need some punching too. Not by me, of course, just that I'd be amused to hear that someone else did it.

Auntie Griz @13, Thanks for that.
@6 -- No, he *did* want to go. They specifically told him he wasn't invited -- after telling him all about it. Really fucking rude, and they needed more punching.
@15: Agreed. People like that really do suck and deserve what they get, however deeply in denial they are.
Jesus! What could anyone possible do to a couple to be subjected a couple of friends telling him about their wedding just so they can immediately follow that up by announcing, in what's van only be described as a prehearsed humiliation ceremony, that A) he's not invited to the wedding they just described and B) they're dumping him as a friend without any warning in what appears to be a public place? What sort of people would feel they had the right to DO that?

Almost makes it sound like they wanted to provoke the guy into throwing punches just to get him sent to jail and make it a "rejection triple-whammy".

I second the "dude deserves more punches comments", and hope the court dismisses the charge.

P.S., can any of you imagine a scenario in which you could justify treating someone who thought you were her, their, or his friend like this?
That should be "...in what can only be described as", not "...in what's van only be described as". Why won't they freaking let us edit what we've posted?