Cant imagine the Seattle Times running that headline.
Can't imagine the Seattle Times running that headline. SEATTLE MUNICIPAL ARCHIVES

As newspapers across the country slim down and lay off reporters, sometimes we share resources. Content-sharing agreements, as this practice is known, allows smaller papers like the Longview Daily News to occasionally run stories from bigger papers like the Seattle Times, and vice versa.

The fun thing about content-sharing agreements, though? Often, the papers receiving the content get to choose their own headlines.

Take, for example, a piece that ran in the Seattle Times last Friday, headlined in the Times "Seattle’s millionaire mayoral candidates say they know what it’s like to struggle." The piece discussed why urban designer Cary Moon (net worth of $4.1 million) and former US attorney Jenny Durkan (net worth $5.75 million) have run into criticism when trying to relate to Seattle's struggling underclass.

A day later, the Longview Daily News ran the same story with a blunter headline that called bullshit: "Seattle mayor candidates consider us all pretty stupid."

Can't imagine the Seattle Times ever running that headline. Readers, cherish your local news.