I Braved a Theme Restaurant to Eat the Impossible


I cooked one of those at home, and it created a noxious odor that lingered for days. Never again. I'm pretty easy when it comes to food, but couldn't put this in my mouth. Stick with the Field Roast burger or Gardein Beefless.
Try Beyond Burger instead - it's primarily pea-protein, so you don't have the issues with soy, and it's also gluten-free. And IME, it doesn't stink up your kitchen in the manner @1 describes.
This slog reads like a high school newspaper bully column. I'm sure you tout yourself as a forward-thinking, open-minded, inclusive individual but you present as a judgmental, insensitive, and whiney prick. Next time you decide it's necessary to pick on someone who doesn't look the way you'd like them to, at least the decency to do it to their face so they can defend themselves. I mean, Waldo? Really? In addition to your underdeveloped sensibility, seems like your name calling hasn't evolved past the 5th grade Chuck-e-Cheese experience?

Seriously, if a restaurant reviewer describing someone who may have been tallish, bespectacled, and possibly wearing a striped shirt and stocking cap is going to trigger you that hard, it would appear you have far deeper issues to confront; after all, it's not like your comment doesn't make you sound like a "judgmental, insensitive, and whiney (sic) prick" yourself.
that sea captain line was funny as shit.
Clearly Katie Herzog is the niece A Birch Steen. God help us all if she ever runs out of weed right before her deadline.
@6 i would never, ever, ever run out of weed.
Made of heme? Like heme the iron / porphyrin complex that helps hemoglobin bind oxygen?

If that's what we mean, I'm not sure how much bulk of that you'd want to eat. Lotta iron per gram. As a flavoring though? Also not actually a protein as described. Also not found in plants as far as my limited knowledge goes...

OK, looks like what they use is legume-root hemoglobin produced by genetically engineered yeast. Then pull off the heme?

Cool, legumes have this for oxygen handling to benefit their root nodules' symbiotic bacteria, this says. I assume that's on the direction of stripping oxygen out, since nitrogen-fixers are anaerobes, they hate oxygen.


I wonder how this tastes versus if you extract tons of chlorophyll and then swizzle the metal ions. Not quite heme but would it be a decent mock-heme? Cheap and easy.
Hm the page I linked to actually says "crucial for supplying sufficient oxygen to root nodule bacteria for nitrogen fixation to occur."

Here we go, it's actually both, it provides sufficient oxygen for rhizobial respiration, and it limits the oxygen so it doesn't poison the nitrogen-fixing enzymes. (Sorry rhizobia are not anaerobes, they're "microaerobic".)


The magic of buffered equilibria!
Their products are real heavily processed and the company was recently bought out by someone deplorable (nestle or someone like that, if memory serves) but if you're looking for a tasty veggie burger to prepare at home Morningstar Farms original Grillers are easily my favorite, and I've probably tried dozens over the years. They're also not vegan (though they make a vegan variation that aren't anywhere near as good; think there's something about the egg yolks that give them their unique flavor.) I started eating meat again a couple years ago, but still eat Grillers regularly.
That picture doesn't look anything like hamburger, it looks like rubber...a stage prop, or a dog toy,,,
Meat is delicious murder. Eat a veggie burger yourself -- all this talk of hamburgers has me hungry for the real thing.
Rhein Haus’s old house-made veggie burger was delicious.
What's "all comedy"?
katie, you don't need to go to a theme restaurant to try the impossible burger. it's available at brave horse tavern and carlile room (though, i guess one could consider those both theme restaurants) as well.

i also tried the impossible burger this week (carlile room). it wasn't horrible (like a facsimile of a mcdonald's burger) but it certainly isn't going to make me give up meat.


the heme is just a component of the mix that gives the patty its red color and (when made properly) makes it appear to "bleed" when you bite into it. though my patty was over-cooked as well and didn't "bleed" when i tried it.
I'm more interested in vegetarian and vegan dishes when they aren't presented as parlor tricks; when they're dishes in their own right. Show me that not-meat is tasty by taking the taste and texture of meat out of the equation.
$15 is a BIG obstacle to overcome for Fake meat. Outside of a Vegan, who would pay $15 to eat a fake burger that doesn't even taste like a Dick's Burger? But taste worse.
You know, water is never ever really "wasted." Water always comes back, just not always were we want it.