Seahawks Win, But Lose Richard Sherman


Best Sherman piece I’ve read yet. Thanks, Spike. I know Slog is kind of a sports desert, but I for one appreciate and look forward to your take every week.
Poor Mariners. One of only two MLB teams to never even make it to the World Series. I have to disagree about the Cleveland comparison, though, because the Sonics, departed as they are, did win an NBA championship there. That's always going to be the city's, regardless of the franchise being away. Heck, don't forget that Stanley Cup won by the Seattle Metropolitans 100 years ago, first American team to win that trophy. (But that's going before the start of Cleveland's championship drought, I suppose.)
Does this mean he will talk less or more? Not sure how I feel until that is figured out.
@4 This is what you have to say when someone is hurt? Is this what your parents taught you?
I wonder if he’ll be able to make the mortgage and mounting medical bills on his disability and unemployment.
spike, your writing has uniformly been some of my favorite seahawks writing for years now, but this is both the best piece you've done this season and as @1 said, the best piece i've read on sherman's impact/legacy and going forward yet. tremendous job, great stuff :).