Funerals. David Becker/Getty Images

War, poverty, wealth, high school, fake news, piano lessons, birthday presents, proms, holiday greetings, jeans that don’t fit, hair gel, frozen pizza, holiday/Christmas coffee cups, ignorance, real news, sweet-sixteens, gifts, college applications, college costs, friends, neighbors, co-workers, new math, tiny back yards, no-walking-on-the-grass signs, weddings, wedding cake vendors, buy-us-a-house gift registries, perms, hair relaxer, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, partisan politics, bi-partisan politics, political scandals, nursery school applications, retirement, death, corruption, work interviews, work, helicopter parents, class sizes, elbow room, Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance....

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David Ross is a father, husband, writer, and curious thinker living in the greater Seattle area.