Metro Transit Bus Fares Will Be $2.75 Starting in 2018, No Matter What


...and those that refuse to pay will still ride free.
@2 Sure, because stopping an entire bus for $2.85 is idiotic. Plus, it's rare, and the free rides are calculated into the budget already. I ride the bus to work, and always sit in the first row or two. It's rare.
#1 Riding the bus, I see that all the time. Young folks stumble on the bus and mumble something and the drivers are instructed not to provoke, but to de-escalete the situation and allow the person to ride for free. As #2 said these Ride free people are all factored in. But unlike #2 said it is in fact very common.
And what do taxpayers already subsidize on each rider?
@4: wah wah wah. how much of the cost do you want taxpayers to subsidize? public transportation is a social benefit, like the cops, the fire department, libraries, parks, street lights.

turn off dori monson, shut in.
@4 -- Depends on the trip. Generally speaking, this is a much bigger subsidy for suburban routes. The old "two zone", fares tended to spend a lot of time driving, and very little time picking up people. This is very expensive, since the more people you pick up per minute, the higher your fare recovery. Peak trips are also expensive, since that is when drivers and vehicles are most in demand. Drivers who only drive during rush hour cost an agency extra, and it doesn't do an agency any good if the buses are just sitting around during the day. So, long story short, those that used to pay the one zone -- urban riders who rode during the middle of the day -- are largely subsidizing the suburban commuters.