Very Illuminating Messages Between WikiLeaks and Don Jr. Leaked to Press


It may not be direct emails between Trump and Putin about messing with the 2016 election, but it is another revelation further reducing the steps between the Trump campaign and Putin. At this point, we only need one record in which members of the Trump campaign acknowledge Wikileaks is getting information from Russia and we have all the proof.
So Julian Assange was indeed an FSB puppet.

How the worm turns.
Looks like those bums in City Hall are at it again!
And Glenn Greenwald insists Assange and Putin are purely disinterested observers reporting nothing but the facts.
wikileaks self-promoting, gasp!!, because the red menace is red terror and very active. trump wants vietnam to buy arms! kshama sawant! think about it! open your all-seeing eye people! illuminati(ng)! obama was forced to expand the reach of the surveillance state!
Yeah i don’t really get what’s going on with glenn greenwald. Skepticism in journalism is important but when you’re appearing on tucker carlson’s fox news show complaining about poorly fact-checked reporting i think it’s safe to say you’ve lost the thread.

On a related note, where are all the people who love to constantly tell us how totally fake and not-going-to-turn-out-like-you-hope this story is.
I never, ever in a million years thought I'd miss George Bush. Jesus, I'd even pat the dumb little fucker on the back and buy him a beer.

You mean Ted?
@7: just think about the millions dead and maimed in iraq and maybe you'll stop missing him.
@8 among others. The guy who never passes up an opportunity to insist russia is fake news seems to have disappeared entirely.
Well, he commented on Dan's post about Trump's announcement that he was going to make an announcement, and I'm sure he's all over the morning news. . . .
@7 - GW Bush wasn't dumb. He was a tool though. Doubtless he never used his affected "folksy" accent & grammar while he was at Yale & Harvard. We probably would have invaded Iraq whether he was prez or not, for many reasons, none of which were ever stated publicly.
I'm not convinced Assange/WL is a PutinPuppet(TM). Assange has many personal reasons to trash the Clintons, so no surprise that he was hurting Hillary & plumping for Trumpf, as vile as he/his family is. No doubt Putin were happy to use Assange/WL to wreak as much havoc with the situation as they could, though, "enemy of my enemy..." style. Assange is Australian, so he doesn't have any real desire to work for our popular interests. He's more interested in taking down American imperialism, by any means necessary, with whatever collateral damage may there be.
I'm not sure what Greenwald's real angle is either. Although there are some hints that the TrumpRussia thing may be a bit more confabulated ("trumped up" haha) than is actually real, and that the sTrumpfs/GOP are happy to have that as a distraction from their --possibly much worse-- dealings with China. Or elsewhere. Or the blowjobs Duterte is giving right now.
It's become very hard to tell who is really working with whom. The NYT/"mainstream press" are almost playing right along with Trumpy's anti-press antagonisms...he's sure brought them all a lot more ad revenue & attention. They tend to support the US power structure anyway, regardless of who is in the hot seat, and they sure seem to be happy as the "opposition" this time around. It's an arrangement that seems to be working for all players.

This all has become a super twisty Phillip K Dick novel, where the real motivations of the players have become so obscured that all of us little people are lost in a maze of mirrors. Everyone's distracted, and everyone believes a totally different "truth".

As Orwell pointed out: "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever."