City Council Approves Police Management Union Contract


Or as one of Sydney’s headlines: “Kshama Sawant Finds New Ways to Oppose Civilian Oversight of Police”
Wow Steven, did we watch the same city council meeting?

Council allowed no public comments (except from Community Police Commission members) on this legislation, despite at least two people who took the afternoon off to testify.

No mention that I stood up three times during this vote to protest the rush to vote and the exclusion of public comment.

Failed to note that Council member Kirsten Harris-Talley expressed strong reservations and hesitated for quite some time before voting yes.

Failed to note that Council member Gonzalez flagrantly misquoted the American Arbitration Association Labor Rules (see:… ) as allowing public presence at arbitration hearings when the rules unambiguously state "The arbitrator and the AAA shall maintain the privacy of the hearing unless the
law provides to the contrary." (page 13 of linked manual). Watch Gonzalez quote the opposite in the video at 1:37:24:… .

Once more, closed door negotiations with police unions undercut police reform. How much more undercutting will council members allow when bargaining with SPOG (the main police union)? How can the council short-circuit openness and transparency and then demand that of the police?

A shameful display today of avoiding public comment and deliberation in an effort to push through legislation well hidden from the public.