Guest Editorial: The Time to De-Escalate Washington Is Now


"Charleena was the pregnant mother of four who was killed in front of her children after she called 911 on to report a burglary."

A burglary that never fucking happened. She lured those cops into her apartment and got exactly what she wanted, which was an ambush and/or suicide by cop.

Reform needs to happen, both the training and the laws that give cops way too much latitude to use lethal force. But, if activists continue to conflate the Charleena Lyles and Che Taylor cases with actual injustice (see: Philando Castile, Walter Scott, etc.), they'll lose credibility with most people who are smart enough to make the distinction.
Glad to see SPOG continues to monitor Slog.
The way you BLM propagandists continue to pimp this bullshit narrative is absolutely shameless.

@2 yes I'm sure they have an entire department dedicated to monitoring comment sections that consist of the same five hysterical libtards jacking each other off 24/7.
Absolutely @1 - This flawed conflating does no good for our society.
Much as I support reform of WA state law regarding use of force, I will not support this bullshit narrative.
I would think eliminating/minimizing suicide by cop would be one of the primary objectives of de-escalation. Being an active participant in someone else's suicide is not an easy thing to live with, and if people who are suicidal have good reason to believe the cops will kill them if they are antagonized, those people are more likely to make it happen.

This isn't just about "actual injustice", however you are choosing to arbitrarily define it. Gun violence is a public health issue that extends beyond the death/injury of the victim, as is suicide. Any cop drawn into someone else's death wish is going to have to live with that trauma for the rest of their life. This should be as much about their well-being as anyone else's.
Guys who always pop up to explain to us how the law makes it hard to convict a cop, I hope you're all here now and haven't lost interest somehow!
Jeez folks 133(?)45, even if you don't think Charleena Lyles is a "clean" enough example, I hope you don't let that distract you from your awareness of the whole of the problem. Or if you don't think there's a problem that you'd have the guts to make that point.
Can't go wrong with more preparedness training. 100% for it. The tragedy of Charleena's children's past and future is depressingly sad to think about.

Cops can't be effective mental health care workers though. The environment that a police officer interacts with a person in crisis has innumerable variables and dangers where a MHP has a controlled environment, deescalation can be as simple as walking out of a room where there is no danger to the person in crisis or others and letting the person cool off.

The results of these crisis as dealt with by the police will always be starkly different than what is possible in a MH setting depending on the scenario.
@1 & 3
Agree. This account is conflation and unnecessary. Che Taylor's killing should not be considered at all. I'm extremely dubious of the motives of this movement. Yes, I want to de-escalate confrontations between police & civilians. But, not this way.
Lyles doesn't have to be anything but what she was for her death to be an unnecessary tragedy. The 2 cops only had lethal means to defend themselves, when they were supposed to have non-lethal means with them.

Having non-lethal means to resolve a conflict like a crazy lady with a kitchen knife seems like de-escalation to this bleeding heart liberal. Is there some objection you have to giving her a nightstick upside her head instead of shooting her point-blank multiple times in front of her kids?

The point is simple: stop killing people when it isn't needed. Remember when?…

While we're at it, can we bring back the powder blue uniforms and patrol cars?

All of these ultra-dark colors top to bottom just get so depressing, you know? Like oh god here comes Officer Morticia Doomsday, she looks like she just ate Officer Friendly and has Very Uncomfortable Indigestion.
yeah who needs cops.