Conservation Group Sues Cooke Aquaculture Over Salmon Release


It's time for the insanely wealthy and corrupt to lose all their dirty money already.
May Cooke Aquaculture and dirty, profiteering corporations of their ilk all go down in flames.
Eclipses! Who could predict such things!

(Yeah I know it's a bad excuse, but it's such a stupid bad excuse. )
So... is it necessary to demonstrate damage to win a suit? These fish are a royal pain and shouldn't be there, but they were pathogen-free when released, and haven't eaten anything, so I am not sure what the damage is. Other than failing to maintain a viable structure.
@4 the concern is that they will outcompete native fish for spawning area and reduce the native population. Its almost impossible to prove damages because they could always point to another factor that may have caused any future decline. Even if the native population increases how could you prove that the population would not have been larger but for this event? We still don't know if there is a limiting factor or what it is. All we know is one of or a combination of things we do has fucked it up. The foundation of fishery science is getting all the stakeholders around the table then have them point to the left and in unison say "Its his fault".
We forget the legacy of the Commons* and get what, Frankenfish, antibiotic-resistant superfish, or what? Usurpers?

They would appreciate our silence....

* wholly-corps-run airwaves/innernet, e.g.