Democratic Candidates for Washington's 8th District Are Continuing To Distinguish Themselves


Lambs before the general election slaughter. Quick, Stranger, endorse the one with the most radical policies and least chance of winning! We gotta fragment and divide the democrats before primary season.
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Rittereiser is probably the most intimidating candidate to Rossi. He would force Rossi to defend the eastern flank. Being a prosecutor is not always a good thing, but it can give perspective. If Rittereiser can show that his background gave him perspective on social issues, he might be holding the strongest hand.

Personally, I want to know who will pledge to keep Wall Street’s greedy hands off of Social Security. I also think some questions about charter schools would be a good test, because I want to know how many of the ‘business’ candidates fall for that public-private partnership, clap-trap.

I wish the 8th produced at least one firebrand, but I left Seattle, so I need to live with it.