Lars Larson and His Listeners Are TERRIFIED of the Pacific Northwest!


Seriously though, the ants are off the hook!
The ants are indeed off the hook, and the dirty needles do kinda give me the willies.

But can we talk about the rat problem around here, holy crap people.
The most terrifying thing about living in Seattle is the rent.
58% of the 499 people who voted in that poll can feel free to stay the hell away from here. Ok, thanks.
Seattle's rats are cute and fuzzy. Would be eaten alive on the east coast (as east coast rats do to themselves already)
Lars Larson listeners are frightened by their own shadows when they leave their dens in February.

They're very cowardly people.
I shoulda dressed up as Westlake Center and trick-or-treated Issaquah.
Not just scientifically accurate, but also legally binding.

i'm more scared of cops now, i think that's what lars larson means: he's more afraid of cops. that was not on the thestranger's poll tho.
Most of the ants are homeless. They just sleep in the ground and ask for handouts
I'm terrified of all the project managers and database engineers just WALKING AROUND in the open. I always move to the other side of the street so they don't start talking to me about story pointing meetings or their favorite ORM or whatever. It's a fucking jungle out there.
I used to work with Lars Larson at KGW radio in Portland. Nice guy. Seemed reasonably intelligent. I wonder what happened. Same thing as Dory Monson, I imagine. Another reasonable guy I used to work with back in my radio days. Can't help wondering if it's just shtick; a gimmick to gather audience. Their shows are called "shows" for a reason, you know.
Ant problems are no laughing matter.
They're not afraid of being in Seattle. They're worried that the left-wing insanity in this city is starting to destabilize the region as whole. That seems obvious, I'm surprised anyone would dispute that fact. There's a collective mental illness in this city that stops people from realizing their worldview is driving the hate and divisiveness we see everywhere.
Yeah, we might pour coffee on you if you come out here. Stay away, alt-right.
pretty sure beacon hill is held up by ants and the root systems of blackberry bushes.
Oh please. Seattle is the Disneyland of cities. Other than the occasional serial killer there's not much to fear here.
Most of the ants I've encountered are transplant ants from California. Sold their colonies for huge market gains and basically STOLE all the good cracks in the sidewalks here...*sma*(that's shaking my antennae for the newbs)
Considering how vague he was, I think this is relevant.

Having been to Portland, it is most likely the least terrifying place that I have ever seen. Not perfect, true, but absolutely not at all terrifying.

Without Seattle, the Pacific Northwest would basically be one stinking cesspool of coal-plant and industrial stench, endless clear cuts, brackish oil slicked water ways, and radioactive waste piled up to the rooftops. Your idea of Paradise, no doubt.
Speaking of all "... the hate and divisiveness we see everywhere."
Q. Does listening to far right-wing radio make one hateful, divisive and/or crazy?
Or do you just have to be to listen?

OMG -- what if we ALL had Medicare?!