This Barbie Isn't Blonde, and She Wears a Hijab


No points off because Barbie is still wearing makeup? I guess it's cool that it's modeled on her designer, but isn't the fact that she's wearing makeup by default upsetting?

I have no dog in this fight, just curious as to why that bit of oppression gets a pass.
Chase them dollars Mattel! Next up, quiver-full Barbie. They'll have to redesign her joints though, so she and Ken can "side hug."

A Sikh Barbie would be awesome. Cause she'd walk around with a fucking dagger all that time.

Putting Barbie is a hijab, is not something we should celebrate. There's no tension between celebrating the 1st Amendment, and the right is conveys on all women to wear whatever the fuck they want, and believing that wearing hijab (along with all fundamentalist "modesty" wear) is a bad choice for women to make that shouldn't celebrated.


@4, 6: muslim women wear makeup all the time. turn off dori monson sometime and go outside. you'll see.

you have to tolerate all those people that you hate.
If her hijab is removable I'm alerting my local imam. Fucking harlot.
@10 good point
@9: I had to google him. I can't think of many more off-putting combinations of words than "libertarian sports radio," though. Eeeesh.

I don't hate people for their headwear. I'm personally against the idea of hijabs because it strikes me as inherently sexist to only make half the population wear particular garb for religious reasons, but they are always gorgeous patterns and folds. And me telling them to not wear something is just a different flavor of that same fascistic(?) streak, so they can do what they want. Again, I really have no dog in this fight.

I was really more making a comment about the default assumption that all women wear makeup, but... eh. It's a doll. And again, modeled on her designer.
Hijab? If her owners play Barbie like when I was little that things gonna be a mess after the smooth plastic 3 way with Ken and Skipper ....
Although it's gonna be way harder for their brothers to cut off all her hair and consign her to Riot-Brrrbi status - that's a big plus as all Barbie's are genetically bad at roller skating.
The Hijab covers evidence of beating, if properly executed.
@15: ain't nobody "likes" hijab but muslims. I don't, I think they're misogyny made concrete and the idea that Yahweh/Allah doesn't want to see your hair is absurd (I'm look at you, too, Yarmulkes). I'd much prefer Belly-Dancer Barbie.
Here comes Dr. Ken to snip snip.
At least the reason that Barbie doesn't have a clitoris finally makes sense given the context.
I'm personally against the idea of hijabs because it strikes me as inherently sexist to only make half the population wear particular garb for religious reasons,

Why does it matter that it's for religious reasons? In any case, are you as adamantly opposed to women having to wear bikini tops at most public beaches in the world?

That's just ignorant white man's burden talk. Women decide to wear the hijab for many reasons, and many have written about why they do. Read G. Willow Wilson's memoir and her decision to wear a hijab after she converted to Islam. (Spoiler alert: any misogynistic oppression she experiences is not because of her religion.) If you think you know better than millions of Muslim women what the best way to dress is, the problem isn't Islam.
@25, You are right, women are the source of evil in men and must be hidden.
@22: I never said I liked hijabs. I said I appreciate the visual appeal of patterns of the material used (assuming it has a pattern), and the elaborate folds that are sometimes used. I appreciate them as a fashion accessory, the same way one might appreciate a scarf.

@25: No whataboutism in here, please. Keep that grade-school retort to the conservative sites.

Are hijabs worn for anything other than religious reasons?* Reading over the Wikipedia entry on them, it certainly seems based on religion.

You're saying it's not for religious reasons that G. Willow Wilson (had to google her too) decided to wear one, specifically after she converted to Islam. That... seems to be a direct result of her newly adopted religion. Sorry, but if the story behind it is longer than a Politico feature, I'm not about to purchase and read through the memoir. Perhaps you could summarize, since you seem to be so deeply knowledgeable on the topic?

*I am opposed to doing anything purely for religious reasons, since I'm an atheist. Telling the other half of the population (because every Muslim country, as far as I know, is run by men) that they must garb themselves a certain way - while no such rule stands for the male half - because a higher power said so, is purely an appeal to authority, and robs the oppressed - again, only women - of any appeal process.
I always laugh when so-called "Christians" use the term "Jew hater" in reference to Muslims, because, you know, they never ever complain about that thing about "the Jews killed Jesus"...
i'm learnig a lot here- hijabs are cool! as cool as swords! (pretty actually.) hijabis therefore, are cool. choose your dream, live the life-choice! flavor!
A hijab is a piece of fabric you can literally assign any kind of political nonsense to. It is not always 100% feminist, nor is it always 100% oppressive.

Like most symbols, its power is purely a result of circumstance.

In one of the many theocratic shithole countries, it is often oppressive. In a free country like America, choice comes into play and it can mean many things. It's about force and power. In free societies, the vast majority of hijab wearers decide to put it on. That is the difference.
@27, look up Dastar. The prominent headgear of the Sikhs is proudly worn by men. It is a choice. While we can't know when each person wearing religious headgear has exercised free will (because we know some have not), there are many who choose it for themselves and their beliefs. You are assigning oppression to people who do not feel they are being oppressed. If they don't have a problem, why do you?

Ibtihaj Muhammad has openly chosen to wear hijab. She requested the makeup for her Shero doll, so it would look more like her. She also requested they make the doll's thighs thicker to represent the muscles of a lunging athlete.

There are Muslim women who elect not to wear hijab, and a few may actually be seen sporting short-shorts with Juicy emblazoned across the butt cheeks. In a society that allows for freedom of religion, we are saddled with the burden of viewing (and judging!) all of these choices. Better for your peace of mind to celebrate freedom rather than assign oppression!
I'm looking forward to the new Muslim Ken doll who throws the gays off the tops of buildings! Maybe he can fly airplanes too!!