Today in Mass Shootings: Five Dead in Northern California


Thoughts and prayers.
The shooters neighbor said he'd "been acting crazy"

In Japan if you wish to purchase a firearm the police interview your neighbors.
Honestly at this point...
This feels more like a celebration - that the pro-gun control crowd (I'm pro gun control) now has more ammo in their rhetorical armory.
But what about the children who were bad? Both sides are wrong.
The shootings will continue until morale improves.
I'm really not sure how this is possible. After all, California state law bans magazines with a capacity larger than 10 rounds and all semiautomatic rifles with detachable magazines are also banned. Furthermore, state law requires that all illegal magazines and rifles are to to surrendered to the government for confiscation by January 1, 2016.

I thought that common sense gun control laws like these are supposed to prevent mass shootings and I am simply shocked to find that this monster broke California gun laws to perpetrate these horrific murders.

The only part of California's law that effectively addresses the problem is that all weapons like these are banned... unless you a filming a movie. And we all know filming a movie is the only good reason someone should have these sorts of weapons.
@6 what're the laws in OR, NV and AZ?
yes every single crime must be prevented in order for a law to be effective or else why even bother lets legalize everything you guys!

@6 do you have a google alert set up or something because you never have anything to say until there is a gun post and every time you drop in with your embarrassingly bad reasoning skills and then you scoot off into the void until the next mass shooting
@6 anyways, my point is, regardless of California's laws, it's trivially easy to get almost any kind of gun you want, and no barrier to bringing them into California. Any plebe - you or me - could do it.

Conversely, if we had national gun prohibition, you'd need to smuggle the guns in across the border, which is tougher but more importantly, expensive. Guys like the Vegas shooter still won't be stopped, but there are ~10,000 gun homicides per year, and these mass shooting account for, perhaps, 5% of those deaths. So those other 95% - they're committed mostly by young men with access to cheap handguns. I think that you could pretty easily prevent at least 2,500 homicides (25% reduction) simply by increasing the cost of guns and bullets which would be achieved by a prohibition.
Done in one
the unorganized militia is a terrorist organization.
"the unorganized militia is a terrorist organization."

Only if they're off-white
Well shit, this resets the timer until we can talk about gun laws without exploiting recent tragedy. Again.
"the unorganized militia is a terrorist organization."
Only if they're off-white

Correction: Documenting/publishing factory farm animal rights abuses automatically turns you into a Terrorist -- no matter how White you are. (You might could claim you were 'shooting' them -- it's bound to get some off....)