Benton County Doesn’t Want That Stinky, Nasty Weed Anywhere Nearby


Why they're so utterly pure they want all the devil's state tax revenue from it banned from their use! No more street repair and infrastructural updates for them!
These stories about areas complaining about the smell are just ludicrous. I grew up in an area where certain times of year the mint was so strong-smelling (like pot, kinda) it was almost overwhelming, and where if the wind hit just right, the unreal stench from the Washington Beef plant could knock you over. Oh, but drugz!
"Other issues that concerned citizens of Finley include traffic caused by the pot shops and the prevalence of 'drug trafficking in a neighborhood that includes a preschool, church, school bus stops and homes.' "

Thank God the gateway drug booze ain't a drug....
They got some Great ads!
"Benton County ... voters were against it. Now, the county wants an “emergency moratorium” on ... possession...."

Dare to drive through THEIR county with a Joint, asshole? They may make the Philippines look like a Donald Trumpf Country Club....

Well, not right off....
Convenience stores, school bus stops, four years of darkness, bars and churches living together.
Benton County, where they hate the smell of wacky-tobbacky, but huff radioactive dust...
I've always said jurisdictions that ban pot shouldn't see a fucking dime of its tax revenue.

And as far as the smell, does cow manure in your fields smell any better?