Cards Against Humanity Has a Plan to Thwart Trump's Border Wall


They can just take it by eminent domain. It will be easier after Trump suspends the Constitution in 2024. Or 2020 if he loses.
eminent domain. Look it up.
@2, @3 — Yeah, go to the website. They know about eminent domain.

"So we’ve purchased a plot of vacant land on the border and retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built."

My guess is they're going to divvy up the plot amongst the 150,000 folks who buy (120,000 or so already have), and have that legal team ready to file motions against each and every eminent domain claim. Brilliant. (And they did something like this before with "Hawaii 2", of which I am a proud owner of 1ft^2).
@4 That sucks. The wall will get built anyway, but thanks to this group more tax dollars will be wasted fighting the feds? Ok, then.
The wall will never be built, though it's kinda cute that the trumpies still believe it will be (and that Mexico will pay for it)
@4: thanks for saving me from looking at the website. good plan.
They are already seizing private properties using eminent domain. This is a publicity stunt for CAH.
Mexico is in dispute about the border so it is only fair (since it previously was part of Mexico and taken by force) that it be handed back to Mexico.

Alt right bigot - you have helped provide us with all the rapists and drug runners and other corporate crooks aplenty since your slime bag took office. As well as previously. Don’t pretend you care about rape or peoples safety when you cowardly blame brown people for any economic problems here when it is this casino economic system at fault of which your orange haired ingrate helps perpetuate. So take your wall and shove it you know where.

So, you don't like rapists, eh? Does that include pervy ex-federal judges with Lolita complexes, or just the brown ones?
Ah yes. The Great Eminent Domain Holocaust of the Obama administration. That's right up there with him and Frederick Douglass founding ISIS, and his Carpet Bombing of Denmark in terms of things that were horrible and actually happened.
Well, damn it. It's already sold out.

@6: Whatever money is spent keeping this wall from being built is a drop in the bucket compared to what actually building it would cost, let alone the cost to build and maintain it in perpetuity. You'd know that, if you got your news from anywhere but Fox & Friends or Stormfront.
This act by Cards Against Humanity has Nszi's angry. (See some of the previous comments.) I approve!
Does the proposed border wall even have a mapped out location or anything like that? I know they are in the prototype stage as far as designs, but I am pretty sure no one has any idea where exactly the wall is going to be built, if it is going to be built at all.

Also, I have to imagine this would be a pretty easy case as far as eminent domain goes, since the stated purpose of owning this land is specifically to cause legal problems. Judges don't really like it when you specifically try to bring stuff into their court just for the sake of going to court.

It's a good stunt though, as far as advertising is concerned.
I find it humorous that anyone is taking any of this seriously.

First, that cards against humanity could stop (or even significantly slow) a wall from being built.

Second, that anyone believes that wall will be built.

Cards against humanity is still great at parties though.
@13 If I get my news "only" from those sites, how can I be reading the slog? #logic
So Katie,will you keep us posted on what the surprises are when they arrive next month?
I almost feel bad for people who are dumb enough to believe we are going to build a wall on a border that is mostly a river just because the con artist they voted for promised them he would
@17 if you weren't such a dumbass you would've read the article and not made comment @3.
@17 you don't "read" SLOG. You merely uselessly congeal here and leave behind residue.
I see. Divvy up the proposed path and all the land around it, into micro-plots and then have a legal team specializing in the government confiscation of property, represent all those who knows how many landowners. Could be a brilliant stalling tactic for 8-12 years, if necessary.