Okay, okay, we get it! You hated the captcha and change is the worst thing in America unless it's coming from Obama. But please, children, behave. If you want to test out the new comment feature on Slog, please do so here in this open thread. And let's be nice about it, okay?

Don't test the comments in another post, unless you have something specific to say about that post. Let's at least try to stay on topic elsewhere.

So post some comments and see how you like it. And if you have any problems, questions, and/or constructive criticism about the changes, feel free to e-mail me at megan@thestranger.com. We want you to enjoy Slog, really, we do! But this is not a sandbox. Let's play nice.

Please? And thank you. I'd hate to have to take away your Slog Happy privileges.