I nominate bacon. Specifically, deep-fried bacon.


At Risque Cafe, 3419 N. Clark, country-fried bacon ($6) is on the appetizer menu. Raw bacon strips are put in an egg wash, dredged in a heavily peppered flour and then deep fried in vegetable oil, says chef Andrew Niemeyer.

Or free bacon:

If you don't want your bacon messed with, then head over to Bucktown's Chinaski's Bar, 1935 N. Damen, which offers all-you-can eat bacon on the first Monday of every month. For free.

"All true religions have to have some monthly faith meeting," says one employee, when asked about the purpose of the bottomless bacon bowl.

Free bacon and a cheap Bukowski reference. What more can you ask for in these post-election days?

Hey slog commenters from Chicago, let's do a Slog Happy here. With bacon.