Yes, I just went on Anderson Cooper 360 wearing the SAME SHIRT I was wearing last night when I went on The Colbert Report. I didn't know I would be doing AC360 when I came to NYC so I only packed one shirt—and I went to the big protest in front of the Mormon Temple on 65th Street instead of going shirt shopping, and anyway I hate shopping and I'm bad at it and I'd rather risk incurring your wrath, Sloggers, than spend five minutes clothes shopping in NYC. I understand that many people come to NYC expressly for the shopping. Me? I come for the subway.

In other glamorous developments: I met David Gergen tonight. In the bathroom at CNN. I can proudly say that I took a leak standing shoulder-to-shoulder with an advisor to four presidents. Well, not quite shoulder-to-shoulder; there was a partition between us. But still.


The sign over the urinal says, "NOTICE: Please flush urinal after using." Mr. Gergen, who is nearly ten feet tall, flushed the urinal after using.

And, yes, I did interrupt Tony Perkins—quite a lot. I've been on TV with Mr. Perkins before, and his MO is never shut up, and run out the clock, and interrupt. And I just wasn't having it tonight.