Eccentric rich person, Dallas Mavericks owner, and alleged shady trader Mark Cuban also owns Landmark Theatres.

I got this e-mail today from a Landmark employee:


Not only is he ducking out of the losses most Americans face on Wall St., but he's cutting hours at the bottom for the theaters. We're busy as hell right now, but our staff budget has been so cut back that we only had 2 floor staff to deal with 100+ people shows on Sunday afternoon. That means we have to keep the front doors locked while the concessionist helps clean the auditorium... it's impossible! The concessionist has to check tickets at the door, tear them, and sell popcorn—all at the same time!

What's the end result? Service at Landmark Theaters will become slower, more error-prone, and more grumpy! Staff hates its job, customers stand out in the cold longer, and eventually customers give up and go to Pacific Place. Everyone loses.

Can people email Mark Cuban ( and ask him to stop trying to preserve his hundreds of millions of dollars off the backs of minimum wage students, artists, and film-lovers? It's just bad business...