I bring a batch of advance reader copies to Slog Happy for everyone to enjoy, with the caveat that the person who reads (or tries to read) the book has to review it for all of us here on Slog.

Today’s reviewer is Enigma. Enigma is reviewing Swallowing Darkness, by Laurell K. Hamilton. Anything you don’t like about this review no doubt is due to the editing process and not at all Enigma’s fault and you should blame the editor. I am the editor.


Hamilton is best known for her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series. This is not one of those books. This is a Meredith Gentry novel, dealing with faeries and goblins, and other fantastical things. And lots of sex. But I can't recommend it to you if you didn't already know that. This is the 7th book in the series and you have to read them all to make any sense of it. So go pick up A Kiss of Shadows, the first in the series. I can recommend that one as good fluff.

See? That's how you write a genre book review: Short and sweet, in and out. Many thanks to Enigma, and to everybody else who's taken a book at Slog Happy: Get on it. E-mail your reports to pconstant@thestranger.com.