cover-small.jpgThis interview with Little Brother author Cory Doctorow is much more interesting than the average author interview. It has some really smart, cogent insights by Doctorow:

The job of a science fiction writer, historically, has been to understand how technology and social factors interact


"If you don't read the Anarchist's Cookbook when you are 16 you have no soul," he says. "If you are still reading it when you are 36 you have no brain."

But there are also some concepts that Doctorow should've kept in his head:

"My hope is that Little Brother is a verb and not a noun, that it's a thing you do, not just a book you read."

But still, it's a fascinating interview, including Doctorow's feelings about Whuffle and the use of the internet as it pertains to collective action. You should go read it.