Some supporters of the Center for Sex Positive Culture protested Marlee Ginter's idiotic hit piece last week by giving money to the Center via KOMO's "Problem Solvers" donations page. It was a creative way to express displeasure with the piece, support the Center, and let Ginter and her bosses at KOMO know that "the community" isn't a monolithic, sex-negative collection of prissy douchebags. "I can't wait to get a check from KOMO," Allena Gabosch, the Center's executive director, said on Friday.

Allena can stop waiting: the Center won't be getting a check from KOMO. Folks who gave money to the Center via KOMO's "Problem Solvers" donations page started getting this email today:

From: KOMOAccountingMail
Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Refund

KOMO is retuning [sic] or crediting your contribution to the Center for Positive Sex Culture or the Foundation for Positive Sex Culture.

While the "Problem Solvers" at KOMO couldn't bring themselves to cut a check for the Center—which is utterly pathetic—they were kind as to enclose the Center's physical address, and that anyone who wanted to "benefit these organizations" could, presumably, drop a check off in person. Perhaps at one of those scandalous, federally-subsidized sex parties where they tie people up for fun—and secks.

Anyway, we're over here being nice—see where humanity gets you?—and they're still being total douchebags down at Fischer Plaza.

And yeah, yeah—I have a lot of nerve sticking a "sic" in someone else's email. And just for the hell of it...