In advance of today's protest against the increasingly dunder-headed UW Daily, editor Sarah Jeglum publishes an editorial:

The Daily staff, this campus and I have all grown this quarter. Challenges have come up in every sense, and we’ve met them to the best of our ability. I’ve watched my staff grow and have learned with them what exactly it means to be a student newspaper — to be the voice of a campus — and we’ve formed new ideas about how to better serve our community.

You, our readers, have also been challenged. You’ve been challenged by what we’ve written. You’ve agreed and you’ve disagreed. But most importantly, you’re letting us know what you think, and we’re listening.

In doing this, you’ve challenged me. You’ve challenged my ideas of journalism, its purpose, and the weight and meaning of free speech.

There's more where that came from.

Also, here's the Seattle Times report on today's protest, featuring both the glamour shot of Jeglum above (taken by Times photographer Greg Gilbert), along with this caption:

Sarah Jeglum, The Daily's editor-in-chief, says it's important to have a balance of viewpoints in the paper and isn't planning any sort of apology.

The rally/protest regarding the Daily starts today at 12:30 pm on the west side of the Husky Union Building on the UW campus.

(Added P.S. for those bemoaning my tacky, petty headline: Sorry, but if you're trying to work the Ann Coulter schtick, you can't just poop out of your mouth. You have to look like a Barbie while you do it.)