(The saddest place on Earth.)

Lit Soup has a great post up about Borders:

...Borders is now trading at 51 cents a share for stock, at the time of the writing of this post. It has been common knowledge in the publishing industry that Borders is going under. It's expected to be gone, as we know it, by February. The real question, however, is will Borders be gone right after Christmas? They are desperate; they are discounting massive amounts of books, CDS, DVDs, etc.

She then addresses a number of scenarios about what will happen when Borders goes under. Most of them are bad news for publisher's midlist books, and some of them (the "Doomsday Scenario," involving Barnes & Noble going under, too) are downright scary. One of her scenarios involves Amazon sweeping in and buying Borders. That's not going to happen: Bezos has said again and again that he's not interested in brick and mortar.

While I have my problems with Borders it's a shame that so many people might be put out of work and Seattle might lose its best atheism/agnosticism section.