iamsofat.jpgOrder carnivora contains the Aardwolf and the Eurasian Otter, but it does not contain the White Tailed Squirrel or any type of small, adorable mouse.

The largest member of order carnivora is the Southern Elephant Seal, which is larger than a Polar Bear (the Polar Bear is the largest land creature in order carnivora). That means it is also bigger than a Grizzly Bear. And, of course, a Bengal Tiger. Can you believe that a seal is bigger than a bear? Fantastic! What a big, fat seal!

The smallest member of order carnivora is the Least Weasel


The Least Weasel is the most dapper and chivalrous of all the placental mammals.
The Least Weasel "is rarely more than 23 centimeters (9 in) long."

Facts about the Least Weasel from the National Audobon Society Field Guide to Mammals:

Description: A tiny weasel.
Brown above, white below.
Tail very short, brown.
Feet white.
All white in winter in north.
Scat: similar to that of larger weasels but smaller.
Tracks: similar to those of larger weasels but much smaller.
Straddle: 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches; leaps occasionally 2 feet.


Facts about the Least Weasel from Wikipedia:

In Britain the Least Weasel is known simply as the Weasel.
Least Weasels have an even greater reputation for ferocity than other weasels.
Traditional Inuit lore held the Least Weasel in great respect because of its pugnacious nature.

If anyone asks you which weasel is the best weasel, please don't hesitate. Least Weasel!

All images from Wikipedia.