The Associated Press reports:

A state lawmaker from Wenatchee says he'll introduce legislation to name Aplets & Cotlets the official candy of Washington. Rep. Mike Armstrong says the powdered sugar covered cubes of nuts and apple and apricot gelatin have been made by Liberty Orchards in Cashmere since 1920. He says they are made from Washington fruit and identify the state to confection lovers worldwide. The bill is likely to revive the battle with backers of Almond Roca. In 2001 a state candy bill was introduced to crown the crunchy chocolate almond treat made by Brown & Haley in Tacoma since 1912. It failed to pass.

This is fucking bullshit. Despite looking like the contents of a cat box, Almond Roca kicks Aplets & Cotlets' grody punishment-candy ass. Register your fury with Rep. Mike Armstrong here.