The reason for this is hard to explain, but I'm currently on a bus from D.C. to New York with a bunch of comedians who came down to watch the inauguration and are now returning home. No good jokes yet; they're all too hung over. I'll let you know, though.

And about the subject that I've been trying to post on for ages, and am just now getting enough internet-connected time to write up: Yesterday, thanks to events that were truly wild luck and accident, I watched the inauguration from just a few dozen rows behind Christopher.

Behind me: Tom Hanks. Next to me: a guy who works at a women's correctional facility in Gig Harbor. (The odd disjunctions continue.) I had a pretty good view of Obama, too—though he was a somewhat tiny Obama from where I sat. More soon as I blog, blog, blog the comedic bus ride away... But for now, and I know this may make me Slog Enemy Number One, but: I didn't think Obama's inaugural address was as great as it could have been, and I kind of liked the inaugural poem.

Explain myself? Gladly, as the bus ride continues...