...it's just, you know, an observation.

I was talking to some avowed homosexuals last night and we all agreed that we were 1. thrilled to bits about our new president... but slightly disappointed that the gays didn't get a shout-out during the inauguration yesterday. But no one was so disappointed that it ruined the day for anyone. It was a great fucking day regardless. But, um, everyone else got a shout out—the black man, the red man, the yellow man, the mellow man. Just not the gay man. And considering that the gays got a shout out from Obama when he won the nomination, and a shout out from Obama when he won the election, and a shout out from Obama when he kicked off the inaugural festivities on Sunday, the omission of a shout out to the gays from the inauguration itself seemed conspicuous.

But no one was all that upset by the omission; again, it didn't spoil the day for anyone and any feathers ruffled by the lack of a shout out—and the inclusion of Rick Warren—were smoothed over when WhiteHouse.gov went live and we all saw the prominent play gay rights got on "The Agenda" section of the website.

"Still," one of my homosexual friends emailed me this morning, "it would've been great if the awesome black preacher at the end had added us to his list: 'Where black won't be asked to step back; where brown can stick around; where yellow can be mellow; where the red man can get ahead, man; where gay can stay; where white will embrace what's right.' Just four more words. Wouldn't that have been amazing?"

Yes, it would've been amazing. But you know what will be even more amazing? Obama delivering on his agenda for gay and lesbian civil rights. He's president now. We don't need anymore shout-outs. We need results. We want—what's that word again? Oh, yeah: change.