Yesterday, In Front Pages


Cool, but I have to say a few of these covers are really awful...check out the "Visalia Times-Delta" image. It's on the right side of the page about a third of the way down. Horrible, Weekly World News-style photoshopped image of Obama pasted over the crowd scene.
is it just me or is it notable that a majority of the cover photos include Michelle? Maybe says something about the way newspapers thing that american will view her importance?
Somebody forgot to hem those pants. Just sayin'...
Notice how our two local papers bucked the trend and did the big pictures today instead of yesterday ...
They forgot France.
Wow, how strange to see the Fresno Bee up on the slog. I was forced to live my teenage years in that city. Oh, the indignity. But it is a good picture. I happen to like the PI one with the whole family.
I like that we can see their marks in this photo-- the tape on the ground showing them where to stand.