Perhaps you're familiar with Office Nomads, the Capitol Hill co-working space that, among many other accomplishments, has been the subject of not one but two Last Days columns.

Anyway, in a nod to the effed-up financial climate, they're starting a pink-slip special:

We hope we’re wrong, but chances are you or someone you know recently lost a job. We understand your plight from experience: In one fell swoop you’ve lost your income and the office space and community you rely on day-to-day. Well, we want you to know that losing a job doesn’t have to mean spending days trapped at home alone. Whether you’re job searching or using your new-found freedom to finally dig into that awesome business idea, Office Nomads has space in our tight-knit community for you...For a limited time, first-time visitors to Office Nomads who show proof they were laid off can get a free one month daily-drop-in membership—a $375 value! You’ll get a desk and free high-speed Internet access, and be a part of a strong, fun office community again. And even if you’re not ready to commit to a month, your first day is always free. So come down, meet the other Nomads, and get started on your next big thing.

That's even better than a free DQ cone on your birthday (except that it requires you to lose your job, not just stay alive). And even if you haven't/haven't yet lost your job, you can pop in Office Nomads for a free trial day whenever....