Taylor Marcus Podkranic, 19, of Chelan, Wash., was indicted last week on a charge of traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, a felony, according to court filings. The papers claim that during his relationship with the girl, Podkranic "tracked her ovulation" in an attempt to get her pregnant.... According to an affidavit filed by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, Podkranic met the girl through a mutual friend last summer, when they began "dating" long-distance via the Internet and cell phone.

"Podkranic dismissed her age and told (the girl) how he was amazed at her maturity for only being 12 years old," the charges say.

The girl's mother was concerned and confronted Podkranic, who told her he was mentoring the child religiously, charges say. Because Podkranic was in Washington, the mother thought the relationship was harmless, according to documents. But she later found pictures of her daughter and Podkranic in the girl's Hotmail account, including two in which a man is performing sexual acts on the girl, taken at a Days Inn hotel during Podkranic's Anchorage visit, charges say.

I love the headline on this story at the Anchorage Daily Press: "Outsider charged in traveling to Alaska for sex with teen." Would it make a difference to Alaskans if this rape had been an inside job?