Snuggie™: The Blanket with Sleeves! What's not to love?

And now: Snuggie™: The Seattle Pub Crawl!

In response to the stunning public embrace of the warm and cuddly Snuggie™, the Team is hosting the first-ever Snuggie™ Pub Crawl in Seattle, WA. Even though it's just a blanket with sleeves, we're sure that you'll enjoy a winter evening spent drinking with friends and the Snuggie™.

The date is yet to be determined, but the entirety of The Stranger's editorial staff has signed up to be notified. (We are, collectively, the 129th registered pub-crawler. Lindy West is especially excited.)

There is no immediately obvious way to inquire: Must one be EnSnuggied™ to partake in the crawl? Do homemade Snuggies™—that is, backward bathrobes—qualify? Only the march of time (so slow!) will tell.

[Before you get into a snit about this being blatantly promotional and Slog being Snuggie™'s bitch, please note that the Chicago edition of the S.P.C. is making donations to an orphanage in Tanzania. Surely the Seattle charity—how about a local one, like Treehouse, maybe? Childhaven?—will be announced along with the date. Snuggie™: It's for the Children!]

Also: Thanks, Christine!