From the always-classy Daily Mail (all punctuation sic—WTF, Daily Mail?):

A mother is appealing for women to volunteer to have sex with her 21-year-old son who has Down's Syndrome.

Lucy Baxter says her adopted son Otto is keen to have his first sexual experience - and she is considering paying a prostitute to provide the service.

'Why should these people be kept separate and pigeon-holed when they have the same emotions, desires and feelings as so called 'normal' people.

'He has the same expectations as everybody else. If he doesn't get a girlfriend, I will feel really bad, because I have sold him this thing that he is like everybody else.

And she said she would love to be a grandmother one day.

'I would like to see him with a girlfriend. I would prefer to see him with a girlfriend who doesn't have Downs.

'I would also love it if Otto got a girlfriend pregnant. It's another experience everyone else goes through so why not him?

'The chances of him having a baby with Down's Syndrome are no more than anyone else but I know if he did get someone pregnant, everyone would have an opinion on it.'

My shoes hurt!