0b6d/1237239714-globalcooling.jpgMichael Steele—the laugh-a-minute head of the RNC—attempted to advance the "global cooling" meme today. But it appears that the local nutters at the Washington Values Alliance haven't gotten the memo about the GOP's newest faith-based, reality-averse talking point. WAVA is asking folks to vote for the one issue they feel is most important and "global warming" is on the list along with "global cooling." Right now "global warming" is tied with with "defense of marriage" at 20.2% each; "global cooling" is only the top issue for 0.4% of WAVA gang. (Current poll results here.)

More worrisome for the "God, Family, Country" kids at WAVA (was "Kinder, Küche, Kirche" taken?): more of the respondents to its poll are concerned about illegal immigration (24.6%) and parental consent for abortion (23%) than are worried about defending the institution of marriage from people who want to, um, get married (20.2%). (Aren't people who don't want to get married a bigger threat? Or people who want to get divorced?) This probably wasn't the result the Washington Values Alliance wanted when it posted this poll alongside info about its "Stand Up for Marriage" rally this Thursday in Olympia.