Seattle Police responded to a Queen Anne apartment building Sunday morning after receiving a call from a man who told police he was concerned his brother planned to kill himself.

According to a police report, the man told officers he'd gone to his brother's apartment and found him "wearing only a shirt and an adult diaper."

When officers arrived at the scene, they heard the diaper-wearing man crying inside his apartment.

[Ed. note: you can stop reading here if you'd like. It only gets sadder.]

One officer climbed a ladder to see into the man's unit, and found the man lying on the floor bleeding from his elbow, with his head under a table. The report says the man's apartment was "very messy with no food, only alcohol in it."

The Officer used a car key to open the window and contacted the man who, according to the report, was barely conscious. The man's diaper, the report says, was "so full it was hanging down to his knees."

Medics arrived on scene and officers apparently had to restrain him when he became "combative" before he was involuntarily committed at Harborview.