Dan brought it up earlier today: The National Organization for Marriage's push for two million supporters of "traditional marriage" in each state, a mission summed up with the hilariously unfortunate acronym 2M4M.

Which brings us to this bit of info sent in by Slog tipper Akbar:

Re: National Organization for Marriage: They want to organize this silly "2 million for marriage" march, or 2M4M. A good friend of mine actually owns the domain. 2M4M.org and is hosting a lovely stance of "two men for marriage."

The site doesn't have much yet but will have more in the future. Hopefully the URL is good enough to fool many of the idiots of NOM.

From the leaked audition tapes to their klutzy choice of acronyms, NOM is the gift that keeps on giving...Thank you, Akbar and Akbar's good friend.