Saved: Navy SEAL snipers pick off three pirates holding an American captain hostage on lifeboat in Indian Ocean. Next, military considers attack on Somali pirates’ land bases.

Burned: Propane-fueled blaze consumes 40 cottages at Christian center on Easter.

Spurned: Thai police fire on demonstrators loyal to former prime minister ousted in coup.

Accused: Family members say kidnapping and murdering a little girl was “completely out of character" of the suspect who knew the girl from church.

Samson Obama: President’s half brother denied British visa for providing police fake name—Henry Aloo—during sex-crime investigation.

Trashy: New garbage hauler has missed five percent of pickups around Seattle, leaving huge piles of trash. City threatens fines.

Hashy: Everyone’s talking about legalizing pot.

Goalie: Small-town boy let Kansas score a point. Seattle dies a little.

Earthquake! Scientists say a 9.0 earthquake could level Seattle high rises.

Stop: Police arrest 25 in gang sweep through south King County.

Drop: Skydiver dies when parachute fails to open.

Payroll: Paying staff to take the year off.


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