The group show opening next Thursday (May 14) at Vermillion Gallery is no small production. The organizers—curators Jose Tapia and Damion Hayes and artist Julio Guerrero—have been producing a blog chock full of images and interviews with the included artists for two months.

And yesterday they put out this video flyer.

Desmadre's goal? "To shed light on a growing movement amongst latino artists who are exploring and incorporating cultural roots while creating work that expresses the 21st century realities and complexities of life."

The aesthetics? "Desmadre is founded on the idea that as the world becomes more connected cultures will continually draw inspiration from disparate sources to create new modes of celebrating culture. For us the idea of mashing together the strong revolutionary traditions of Posada with D.I.Y ideals and a good dose of Taco Truck aesthetics defines what it is that makes Desmadre Arte Desmadre."

Post-Latino! (Here's the post-black model I'm thinking of.) Or not. Whatever. I can't wait.