400d/1241805538-togetherwe_llwin.jpgRobot 6 discovered an amazing treasure-trove of comics produced by the U.S. Government over the last sixty years as public service announcements.

A few examples include a Charlie Brown story about wearing an eye patch to beat lazy eyes (I totally had to do that when I was a kid) and a Captain America story about fighting the war on drugs that is only notable because it includes the sound effect "Krunk!" when one kid hits another. Scott Adams does a Dilbert-style one about efficiency, and there are several Blondie comics, too.

There's also "Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin," "Be an Army Energy Super-Hero with Captain Conservo," "Adventures on Space Station Freedom," and "Bert the Turtle says Duck and Cover." And a hundred and sixty or so more of them. Clearly, we will not be good citizens until we have all read these comics.