a589/1242321849-identical_2_2_-141x178.jpgTonight, there are book-related events all over town.

The Hugo House's gorgeous little zine library is hosting the closing night of Darin Shuler's art exhibit. While not technically bookish—it's more art-ish—you should go and visit ZAPP if you haven't already. It's neat.

Seattle Public Library hosts Ellen Hopkins, who is the author of Identical, a young adult novel about twin teenage girls dealing with attention issues, written in free verse. Also downtown (or "also in the West Edge" if you're a schmuck), Eric McHenry, Jason Whitmarsh, Catherine Wing, and Cody Walker all read at SAM. Walker and McHenry are great poets. I do not know about Whitmarsh or Wing.

Over in the Central District Andrej Grubacic reads. Grubacic is "an anarchist historian," which I take to mean he studies the history of anarchy, not that he is anarchistic in his practice as a historian.

Third Place Books hosts Lee Woodruff, the author of the memoir Perfectly Imperfect: A Life in Progress. It is about how bad stuff happened to Woodruff but she overcame it. Also in memoir land, Elliott Bay Book Company hosts famous food writer Ruth Reichl, who has for some reason decided that we need to hear all about her family and so has written Not Becoming My Mother, & Other Things She Taught Me Along the Way.

And Tamim Ansary, who often represents Afghanistan in the media, reads from Destiny Disrupted at Town Hall.

The reading of the night is going to be you, reading the free books I bring to Slog Happy. If for some reason you can't come to Slog Happy (if you are under 21, say, or just recovering from substance abuse), I'd suggest the poetry reading at SAM.