Many hundred people converged in Westlake Park a few hours ago to shake their fists at the California Supreme Court for upholding Prop 8. It was weird, though, because folks looked pretty happy. Except this guy, who looked like he was ready to make some Spotted Owl bisque:


He's Karl Derrick, and he's not mean at all. "The left doesn't often use the American flag," he said. "Too often it's waved to represent the bludgeoning end of America." Indeed. This next picture was taken by Nic Launceford on Flickr:


Here is state Senator Ed Murray, begging the massive gaggle to get off their metropolitan asses and organize outside the sequined walls of Capitol Hill:


Behind him to the left—Murray's right—is Representative Jamie Pedersen, who looks like an angel. And not one of those chubby little Rococo angels. A tiny little Lutheran angel. "Referendum 71 is a blessing in disguise," he says.