In this week's paper, Jonah and I write about the bust of an alleged brothel called the Sacred Temple on Eastlake Avenue East. The article contained an error, writes Ruby:

I was involved in the temple for nearly a year, and as I read the article one thing stuck out as totally untrue. "Each small room in the compound contained a pump bottle of lubricant and a rack of small blue towels." Honey, that was hand sanitizer. Every single room had a heater, a crock pot, loads of towels, tissues...and hand sanitizer. No lube. If people had lube, they brought their own. The management did not supply it. I know it seems like a small thing, but it really makes a difference in deciding whether the management was "forcing" women to have sex (which of course, they were not). Please ask Dominic Holden and Jonah Spangenthal-Lee to check their facts.

That was my fault. I was walking though the ransacked house two days after police raided the place, trying to take it all in. The rooms were dark, and the bottles contained a substance that looked exactly like lube: clear, viscous stuff in pump bottles next to the tables/beds. A call to one of the employees confirms that the Sacred Temple was not stocked with lube, but rather with hand sanitizer. I regret the error.