King County health officials shut down Skillet Street Food earlier this week after inspectors found a whole bunch of problems in the big silver Airstream trailer.

Operating without valid food business permit or plan approval
Potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures
Inadequate facilities to control temperatures of potentially hazardous foods
Handwashing facility not working
No available hot water

This is a big step back for Skillet, which was temporarily shut down in 2007 for similar violations. Skillet chef Josh Henderson is working with rogue chef Gabriel Claycamp to set up a street food festival this summer, but they're going to have to sell the city and health department on the idea in order to get permitted. It seems a bit like Claycamp—who's gained infamy in the local food scene for breaking more than a few rules and health regulations—might be rubbing off on Henderson.

I've got a call in to Henderson and the health department to find out when Skillet will reopen.

UPDATE: Henderson says Skillet is back open and was only closed for about two hours.

Skillet was running an unpermitted trailer at a Mariners game when a King County health inspector stopped by. Skillet's normal trailer had some problems, Henderson says, and the new one didn't have a fridge or the proper permits. "We are under contract with the Mariners and we had to roll the dice," Henderson says. "Unfortunately we rolled the dice on the wrong night. We made a choice, we made the wrong one."