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yes, because their ideals don't match yours that makes them freaks.
"yes, because their ideals don't match yours that makes them freaks."

No, bigotry, and misogyny do.
no. it is because they insist on curing those who are not sick that they are freaks -- that, and their general freakiness...
ps: your name is spelled incorrectly hypo.
Watch "Jesus Camp" and then tell me whether religious fundies are freaks or not.
@1—Please see 2,3 and 4.
why is that video posted? jessica simpson looks like she's got a gob of peanut butter on the roof of her mouth she's trying to take care of when she's singing that song.
I'm not going. This guy deserves an empty room.
That and I don't get paid 'til Friday.
Oh man, I totally missed it. Bummer.
Gnarls Barkley's version of that song is way better.
jessica simpson is such a spazz. eesh.
@8: I missed it too, Greg, but don't worry--he'll probably be back. There are a lot of us sick heathens here on Capitol Hill and Colorado Springs wasn't built in a day.
@9: Not the same song...
Jewel is so porny. Until she gets all Jose Feliciano-ish.

I do think poor Jessica Simpson really is retarded. It's not her fault.
@4 That film is actually not very good--though the freaky stuff it captures is real, it doesn't do a very good job of explaining where its subjects fit within the broad spectrum of christian belief and practice, or whether the practices it documents are fringe or mainstream. Thus terrified lefties are left assuming the worst, and not knowing the differences between evangelicals, fundamentalists, charismatics, Calvinists, emergents, etc. (Not that the practitioners themselves always know either).

Anyway, even the most obnoxious homophobe on capitol hill is only going to be an temporary annoyance. Effective activist strategies need to combat homophobia in their strongholds--transforming the red states and suburban megachurches--and make those places survivable for queer youth. Mars Hill is undeniably awful, but picking on the naive guy with the Jesus beard at Grey Gallery just seems self-congratulatory.
@12 jokey joke was a joke.
The bizarre lust this society has for Jessica Simpson is entirely unfathomable to me. She is the antithesis of a person I would like to have sex with, even though I like boobs and a hot ass as much as the next guy. She's just so monumentally stupid and untalented.
Isn't Subgenius tattoos also run by Mars Hill guys?
Actually there are a lot of Mars Hills church goers who are totally fine with gay people and who support gay rights. While yes one must attack institutions whose leaders deserve it, the ultimate objective is to wean their supporters out from under them.

Oh man...that video makes me feel embarrassed for Jessica Simpson.
How did it go?
@17 I don't know if they are Mars Hill, but they refer to themselves as "God's Warriors".

@17 & 21 RE: Subgenius

REALLY?? Interesting...
So, any reports from Grey??
I knew it was a doc about one of the fringe fundie groups.
I've said before that I actually feel sorry for the non-psycho religious people, since the fundies are really dragging them down.
I'm not a fan of Jewel, but it's awful nice of her to sing a song with that Down's Syndrome kid.
"Actually there are a lot of Mars Hills church goers who are totally fine with gay people and who support gay rights." No doubt they might start out that way, the church is all about the tolerance before the bait & switch. Church leaders are not so accepting, and the end-goal for Mars Hill is still one man and one woman.
What. The Fuck was that? What the fuck was that!

& re: @23