As of yesterday, none of the Slog commenters reported seeing a copy of the Referendum 71 petition, which is required to include a 114 page domestic-partnership bill on one piece of paper. But the Secretary of State's office has seen a copy. Here's what office spokesman David Ammons wrote about the petition this morning:

Referendum 71 petitions are required to cram all 114 pages of the “everything but marriage” domestic partnership bill (SB5688) in the text that circulates so that each potential signer could conceivably read every word before deciding whether to sign. State law also requires the whole shebang to be on “one sheet” and “readable.” Sponsors, who are now in the field looking for over 120,000 valid voter signatures during the next six weeks, have designed a layout that uses small font and printing the text on a fold-out that has eight “pages.” The whole petition, when unfolded, is map-sized, nearly 2 feet by 3 feet, front and back.

And here's the photo:


Has anyone actually spotted one of these things?