When Brian Neiswender made his first appearance in Youth Pastor Watch in June of last year—the Pennsylvania youth pastor was accused of sexually abusing teenage girls—his supporters insisted in the comments thread that Neiswender was innocent because 1. he’s simply too good, too full of the spirit of Jesus Christ, to have done such a thing and 2. his accusers were so ugly that no man—youth pastor or not—would ever want to molest one of them and 3. Neiswender's wife is hot and 4. SATAN!!! Not even a tape recording of Neiswender apologizing to one of his victims could convince them of Neiswender's guilt. "I hope (but my hope is in vain)," wrote Jen, "that when he is proven innocent of all charges that you will run another story giving the facts."

If Jen was hoping to see Neiswender make Youth Pastor Watch again, her hopes were not in vain. If she was hoping to see Neiswender proven innocent of all charges, well... she hoped in vain:

9dd0/1245175527-ypwbriann.jpgA former youth pastor pleaded no contest Monday to charges he inappropriately touched teenage girls in Luzerne County. Brian Neiswender was accused of inappropriately touching teenage girls while working at the Christ Community Church in Kingston. At a hearing in August, three of his alleged victims testified that between 2004 and 2006, Neiswender touched them inappropriately during youth group meetings and private music lessons....

The no contest plea means Neiswender does not admit to the charges of indecent assault and corruption of minors, but he also does not deny them.

Neiswender faces up to 19 years in prison but is likely to get little more than a year. His sentencing hearing is sentenced on July 20.