6b92/1246388142-product_50782.jpgButt Magazine has an interview with a group of gay men from Washington D.C. who regularly get together and play Dungeons & Dragons.

Now do you guys have gay characters in the game?

Sean C: My character is gay in the game, it doesn’t come up a lot-
Jim: I tend to play tough women. I don’t know why, but they always tend to be strong women.
Sean W: I haven’t really thought that far out, it’s still too new a game. All of our characters are young and exploring ourselves.
Brian: But we have had a lot of gay characters in previous campaigns. Most of our characters like men, whether they’re male or female.

It's a really interesting interview (and in case the name Butt Magazine has you worried, it's totally Safe For Work, although the website is a bright, garish pink).

(Via The Awl, which might get bought by AOL. Which would be a huge mistake in my opinion, but then nobody at The Awl is asking me.)

(Rainbow 20-sided dice from Eclipse Ball.)