Regarding "This Will Not Fool Anyone" below:

Linda Derschang, owner of Smith, emailed earlier this morning to say that her blood is boiling about the faux-new faux-neighborhoody neighbor next door.

Have you seen the color of the new Starbucks on 15th? Noticed the salvaged wood wall outside which is the same as my salvaged wood planter box in front of Smith? Poke your head in and check out the salvaged wood frames on the walls, the vintage industrial light fixtures, and the old wooden seats. A friend asked me yesterday if I was opening a coffee shop next to Smith because it looked so similar—like a sister business. I was in there yesterday to see it. I asked the designer if she had ever been to Oddfellows [also by Derschang], and she said "Yes, of course." They have been in Smith almost daily. I can't believe that anyone, whether a hair salon or a coffee chain, would just go ahead and knock off their next door neighbor's exterior... We'll see what the rest of the design looks like as they get ready to open next week.


Will the remodeled Starbucks, that is, "15th Avenue Coffee and Tea," have taxidermy like Smith? Only time will tell.